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The little, devoted group at FreeStuff Baby is striving to make a platform for mothers to come and look at the best new freebies, samples, competitions, vouchers, parenting magazines, catalogs, apps and new webpages for mums and a lot more and also – all that at one spot.

Simply register with your name and email address – view the offers (Each and every offer is 100% true) and click on the ones you like the look of. A few offers will require details like an address or a phone number, anyhow once you put these in, you will not be required to give the details again.

We are still a relatively new website but as our member network flourishes and we would have the capacity to achieve more “clout” to deal with the best brands available out there, we will constantly provide every member access to all the arrangements we do with them… and the freebies that accompany them.

A few of these freebies will be accessible someplace else too and a few will be dedicated to us. What makes us stand out is the option of choosing exactly what offers you like instead of registering for everything. You email inbox is cluttered enough as is.

Evidently, no thing as “free lunch” exists and consequently the vast majority of brands you pick will wish to get in touch with you later on.

What we can promise is that your information will only be provided to the brands you pick and dissimilar to a lot of other membership websites in the parenting market, we will not peddle your information to anonymous third parties ( Hence registering for our website will never be the reason of you receiving unwanted phone calls and similar).

You will however be receiving notifications from our end constantly whenever we got new offers on the website. If you want us to quit sending the emails, all that is required for you is to hit unsubscribe.

What we are striving to develop here is a fair trade between mothers that wish to know more about what’s available to them in this gigantic time of progress in their lives and brands who have products they truly want the mums to try.

We welcome suggestions as wells as tips from our followers regarding:

  • Make our service better.
  • Make the FreeStuff Baby community more thrilling.
  • We wish to welcome a lot more of you to our service in arriving months and years.

If you are aware of any new freebies, competition or not miss-able deals you think we should be posting then leave us a line and let us know.