Free Hozelock Easy Drip


Hozelock wants to try their gardening products so they are giving away free trial packs of Easy Drip. You can choose between 2 versions of Easy Drip and then fill in the form with your shipping details and they will confirm the delivery via email. Click the GET FREEBIE button to go to Hozelock website …

Free Innocent Seeds Pack


There are 5,000 free packets of seeds being given away at Innocent website. You can get these seeds for your kids and let them learn about how to grow their own food. Click the GET FREEBIE button and supply your details now to get the free seed pack.

Free Forget-Me-Not Flower Seeds


You can join the Suicide support trust and raise awareness and you will get a free pack of Forget Me Not flower seeds. You can grow these in your backyard or in garden. Just signup now and join the cause to get this freebie. Click the GET FREEBIE button to go to Petition Site now …

Free Wahaca Chilli Seeds


Grow your own chillies by getting free seeds from Wahaca. Weather is becoming warmer so that is the ideal time to grow these chillies. Grab a free packet of Wahaca chillies and start growing your own organic chillies Click the GET FREEBIE button and then find your nearest Wahaca store and read about this offer …

Free Dorset Tea Growing Kit


Do you want to grow your own tea? Well Dorset has got a tea growing kit and first 1000 people to request it will get it delivered to their doorsteps. Hurry up now and claim your free tea growing kit before they run out. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit Dorset website and fill …

Free 6 Dial Spray Gun


6 Dial Spray Gun allows you to adjust the flow of water so that you can save water while gardening thus saving money. If you want to get this gardening gadget for free, go to ‘SaveWaterSaveMoney’ website right now and add this product to your cart and get it delivered for free. Click the GET …

Free Nikwax Wash Pack


When you go outside for camping, you need to make sure that your base remains odorless and fresh. Use TechWash with detergent to clean your base tents and they will remain cool and fresh all the time. Get a free 50ml sachet of this product from Nikwax by answering simple questions. Click the GET FREEBIE button, …

Free Gardening Gloves


Spring is here so it’s time to start gardening. You can get a free pair of gardening gloves by attending the free workshop organised by Wyevale Garden Centres. Along with the free gardening gloves, you will get handy gardening tips. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the Wyevale Garden Centres website and read full details …

Free Flower Seeds Giveaway


Get a packet of some beautiful flower seeds for free and grow them in your garden or backyard. Just visit the Go To 4 Gardening website and create a free account and then do a simple forum post to claim this freebie. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the registration page, fill up the …

Free Bee Friendly Seeds


You can get a free packet of bee friendly wildflower seeds from 38 Degrees as they are giving away 60,000 free packets as a part of their ‘Save Bees’ campaign. Supply your details now to receive these at your doorsteps. Click the GET FREEBIE button now to visit their website and supply your details to …

Free Tomato Seeds From Heinz


If you have got a spare piece of land that you can put to use then you must grow some tomatoes as Heinz is giving away free packets of tomato seeds. That way you can grow your own organic tomatoes and save loads of money. To get this freebie, click on GET FREEBIE button and then …

Free Sunflower Seeds


Join the campaign on ‘The Big Sunflower Project’ and get a free packet of sunflower seeds which you can use to grow sunflowers in your garden or extra land. Click the GET FREEBIE button and supply your details to receive a free seeds packets by mail.

Free Grow Wild Seeds


The company called ‘Grow Wild UK’ is giving away free packets of wild flower seeds that you can sow in your garden. These flowers look beautiful and also help the friendly insects like bees to florish. You can get your free seeds packet by providing your details to them. Click on the “GET FREEBIE” button …

Free Flower Pot


You can get a free flower pot from Micplast as they have got lots of free samples to be given away so you can see the quality of their products. Get it delivered to you for free by supplying your details. Click the GET FREEBIE button and order your free sample by filling in the …

Free Tree Growing Seeds


Grow trees on your land and help Woodland Trust to reach their goal of planting 64 million trees to save the environment. Signup on next page to receive your free pack of seeds and instructional guide on how to grow trees and take care of them. Click the GET FREEBIE button now to visit the …

Free Native Wildflower Seeds


You can grab a free packet of wildflower seeds from The Organic Flower Company website. A total of 1000 free packets are available so get one for yourself as soon as possible. Fill up the contact form with your address so that they can send it to your doorsteps. Click the GET FREEBIE button and …

Get Free Artificial Grass Sample


Artificial grass can always be a good alternative if you want to save the hassle of cutting and taking care of real grass in your lawn and backyard. So if you are planning to get artificial glass installed in your lawn, you might want to get a free sample first. Click on GET FREEBIE button, …

Free Packet Of Wild Flower Seeds


You can do a noble cause of saving the bees by planting wild flowers in your garden or backyard. The guys from ‘Charity Content’ are giving away free packets of wild flower seeds for this cause and you can get them directly at your mailing address. Click on GET FREEBIE button and then fill in …