It’s really easy actually…

  • We search all over the internet searching for the best freebies, samples and coupons.
  • We publish them on this blog with a link to the original freebie.
  • You access that site and claim your freebie.

Yup! It’s that simple.

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Also, look at this helpful post on the 5 Tips for free stuff finding.


Does Free Stuff Baby give away things for free?

No. We only discover different website that do and link you to them.

If I comment on an article requesting for a sample, Will I have it?

Nope. We do not give things away. You need to tap the link provided in our post to access the site which gives away freebies.

What in the event of me not receiving my freebie?

We are not liable for anything we publish and we don’t promise that you will receive everything you ask for. All you can do is ask as many things as you want and desire for the best.

What If I don’t wish to provide my email address?

Make another email address that you utilize just for freebie requests.

*** Kindly refrain from posting your house address in the comments section to our blog. We are not the ones giving away freebies. If you attempt, we will delete you comment and mock you for not going through this page***