Free Suit Dry Cleaning


Timpson dry cleaning company is kind enough to dry clean your suit if you are unemployed and you have an interview coming up. Just visit one of the local Timpson and tell the employees that you have an interview coming up and they will clean your suit for free. Click the GET FREEBIE button and …

Free 2017 Gift Wink Diary Giveaway


GiftWink have got 1000 diaries to giveaway so if you have a habit of writing diary or want to start it in the new year, this will make an excellent freebie. Visit the website to request it by filling in your details. This offer is on first come first serve basis so hurry up and …

Free Simply Dry Salon Towels


Simply Dry is giving away free samples of their salon towels. You can also get a sample pack by visiting their website and providing them your details so that they can send a free pack to your address. These towels are made out of high quality material and are of superior quality. Click the GET …

Free Headwater Calendar


Headwater is giving away free travel calendars for 2017. You can also request one by filling in your details. The calendar features famous destinations across the world which are very inspiring. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the giveaway page and get your free calendar.

Free Anker Power Bank


Anker power bank can charge your mobile phone on the go. Just get the power bank charged before travelling and you can use it to charge your mobile phone many times. Get it for free by signing up from their facebook page. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the facebook page and then click …

Free Vimto Hot Mug


Vimto is giving away their personalized hot mugs on facebook. Play a fun game and tell them what is the craziest way to make a hot mug of Vimto and then supply them with your details and if you are selected, you will be sent a personalised mug with your name on it. Click the …

Free Um Bongo T-Shirt Giveaway


Play a fun game with Um Bongo and win a free T-shirt. All you need to do is visit their Facebook page and answer fun questions and at the end of the game you will find the entry form. Fill up the form and submit to win a cool t-shirt. Click the GET FREEBIE button …

Free Canoe Lesson With David Florence


David Florence is an Olympian and a canoe world champion. Right now he is providing free canoe lessons to anyone who contacts him through his website. Use the email address¬†on his website in order to be the lucky winner to win free lessons. Click the GET FREEBIE button and then email him directly with your …

Free Jack Daniel’s Goodies


Jack Daniel’s is giving away free goodies like T-shirts, gig tickets and their product every friday evening on their website. Just visit their website and fill up the form every friday between 7pm to 9:30pm in order get exciting prizes. Click the GET FREEBIE button and fill up the form on their website to win …

Free Pink Lady Apple Holder


You can win a free apply holder from Pink Lady when you sign up to their newsletter. Just scroll down to the newsletter signup section and click on Sign up button. After you signup for their newsletter, you will be entered in the competition to win this freebie. You can unsubscribe to their newsletter any …