150 Bottles Of Lenor To Giveaway


Experience the natural fragrances of the latest Lenor fabric conditioners. P&G are giving 150 bottles away on Victoria website. Register for a free account on Victoria and then comment on our story ‘Back to nature: the trick to a happier, healthier life’ for your chance to win. Female 45+ only. Click the GET IT HERE …

Free Large Yankee Candle Giveaway


Yankee candles have a great reputation when it comes to scented candles for homes and offices. You can now get your hands on a free large jar of Yankee candle. All you have to do is visit ‘FreeStuff.eu’ and enter you details using the form given on their website. Click the GET FREEBIE button and …

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Le Creuset has got the best cast-iron and stoneware collections. You can get a whole bundle of cookware from them when you visit Vaniki. Fill up the form and submit it for a chance to get a full bundle of cookware. Click the GET FREEBIE button to get your hands on a free Le Creuset bundle.

Free Ariel Excel Tabs


If you are looking for great laundry results from temperature as low as 15 degrees then Ariel Excel tabs are the right laundry product for you. You can try them for free by joining the Product Testing panel and they will send it to you to try out. Click the GET FREEBIE button and fill …

Free Inflatable BathBuoy Penguin Island


Get your hands on a free inflatable BathBuoy Penguin Island which will make your kids bath and have fun at the same time. You will get to save 30 litres of water by using this toy so you will be saving lots of money by the end of the year. Order yours today before they …

Free Microwavable Soup Mugs


Tesco is giving away 2500 free soup mugs and a can of ‘Best Of British’ soup. The mugs are very durable and microwavable. In order to get a free mug, visit Tesco’s giveaway page now and supply your details. Click the GET FREEBIE button to go to Tesco mug giveaway page and supply your details …

Free Zoella Scented Candle


Get a free Zoella Seaside stroll candle from Debenhams which is usually retailed at £10 on their store. Just follow our link to create an account and use their redirection link to grab this freebie. Click the GET FREEBIE button, create an account on TopCashBack, follow their link to Debenhams, search for item no. 1720107761 and …

Free Tassimo Coffee Maker


Get a brand new Tassimo Fidelia coffee machine for free from Product Testing website. Fill up the form now to become a product tester and you will be given this coffee machine so you can use it and give feedback about how it works for you. Click the GET FREEBIE button to join their website …

Free Tauck Wall Calendar


Tauck is giving away free 2017 wall calendars and if you want to get one, simply fill out the form and use the code 72243699 when signing up and they will dispatch it to you soon. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit Tauck’s website and request your free wall calendar today.

Free Persil Duo Caps


Persil Duo Caps have an innovative two chamber technology which removes the toughest of the stains. You can get this product for free to try out, just choose between Duo Caps Colour or Duo Caps Universal and then fill out your details to receive it via post. Click the GET FREEBIE button to go to …

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Get a free sample of Loctite 55 thread sealant from Loctite company. They have got 1,000 free samples to be given away so you will have to hurry up to grab one for yourself. Just provide your details so that they can deliver it to you. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the sample …

Free La Montana Scented Candle


La Montana product a wide range of scented candles for home and office use. They are giving away free samples for you to try out. Head over to their website and submit your details so that they can send a sample to your postal address. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the La Montana …

Free Scented Candle Samples


You can get a free scented candle sample from website called Candle Crafts who make scented candles and eggs. You can claim your sample by heading over to their website and supplying your details. Click the GET FREEBIE button and supply your details in the form provided to order a sample. It can take up …

Free Scentsy Candle Samples


Scentsy wants you to try their scented candles so they are giving away free samples of their fragrant wax. You can choose between any scents you like and it will be delivered to you. Visit their sample page and scroll down to the end to submit the form. Click the GET FREEBIE button and grab …

Free New Year Wall Planner


Get your new year organized by getting a free wall planner from Horslyx. Provide them with your name and address and they will deliver it within 2 weeks. You can stick it to your wall and plan your whole year ahead. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit the Horslyx giveaway page now.

Free Yankee Scented Candle


Get a free Yankee scented candle for yourself by entering your details on OfferX and submit the form. You will get the ‘Cosy By The Fire’ scent which will give you a sense of warmth in the cold winter. Click the GET FREEBIE button and enter the contest today to win these aromatic candles.

Free Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrate Sample


Get a free sample bottle of Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrate from NetMums website by entering in the competition held at their website. Input your details and take a small survey and your name will be entered in this free competition. Click the GET FREEBIE button in order to read more details and apply for this freebie.

Get Free Gunk Pot


You can save a good amount of money by reducing sewerage blockage cost caused by fat and oil build up that you drain in your sewers. Just pour the left our oil, fat and grease into gunk pot and let it go back to solid state before disposing it off in trash can. Click on …

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You can get free samples of Finish Dishwashing products and can also win a full year’s supply of Finish Quantum tablets when you register a free account on their website. Just fill up the form and submit it in order to get a free account. Click the GET FREEBIE button and try your free Finish …

Free Carpet Samples By Cormar


You can get up to 3 carpet samples from Cormar. These samples will help you decide which carpet you want to use in your house and how is the texture and quality of the carpet. Order your free sample today from Cormar website. Click the GET FREEBIE button, add the carpets samples you like and …