Free P&G Products


Head over to Procter & Gamble’s website called Victoria where you have a chances of getting yourself various household products which include Fairy, Ariel, Lenor, Pantene, Oral-B and many many more. You will have to register yourself on their website for chance to bag these products. Click the GET FREEBIE button and then register yourself …

Win a year’s supply of Ariel 3in1 Pods


What a fab treat we have for you, Victoria is giving you the chance to win a years supply of Ariel 3in1 Pods, these Pods are specially designed to remove stains and brighten up your clothes. For a chance to win this amazing prize just click GET FREEBIE and register to Victoria. Females 45+ Only.

Free Ecover Laundry Scoop


You can get a free laundry scoop from Ecover. Using a scoop makes sure you get the right amount of detergent each time you do the laundry. To get the free scoop, just fill in the green contact form on next page. To go next page, click on GET FREEBIE button and you will be …

Free HiSense 55″ TV


Would you like to get your hands on a 55″ TV from HiSense? Well you can now by visiting the NCR website and the register using your email or your facebook account. After you have successfully registered, you will be given this product to try out for free. Click the GET FREEBIE button to become …

Free P&G Kitchen Cleaning Bundle


Want to get your hands on a while bundle of P&G kitchen cleaning products? Then head over to Victoria now and register for free account then navigate to the article titled “The 15-minute kitchen clean” and comment on it for a chance to win a bundle for yourself. Click the GET FREEBIE button to go …

Free Dylon Colour Catcher Sample


Dylon color catcher is a very handy product when you have to wash various colored clothes in one session. It keeps the colors from running and mixing. You can get a free sample of this product to see how good it works. Just fill out a small sample request from on next page and the …

Free Large Yankee Candle


Yankee candles have a great reputation when it comes to scented candles for homes and offices. You can now get your hands on a free large jar of Yankee candle. All you have to do is visit ‘’ and enter you details using the form given on their website. Click the GET FREEBIE button and …

Free Ariel 3 in 1 Pods


How about free Ariel 3 in 1 pods? Well you can now get a tab of this product when you go to and fill out the form so that this laundry product can be delivered to you free of cost. Click the GET FREEBIE button and then enter your details to win free Ariel …

Free Irish Beef Apron


You can get a free apron from Irish Beef as they have got loads of them to give away on their website. Just fill out the form with your email address and tell them what you will be cooking on this Easter day for a chance to get your hands on a free apron. Click …

Free Smartora Tea Towel


Get yourself a free sample pack of Smartora tea towels by going to their website and fill in the sample request form with your mailing details. They will dispatch the sample pack to you within 10-12 days. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit Smartora website now and get yourself a free sample pack of …

Free Fairy Washing Up Liquid


Do you want to get the Fairy washing bundle for free? If so then head over to the Testing Panel website right now and signup to receive these washing products for free and you will be asked to use these products and give feedback. Click the GET FREEBIE button and join the testing panel and …

Free Crown Paint Sample


Crown Paints are giving away free paint sample pots and you can choose any 5 colours of your liking and get them delivered to your doorsteps for free. Just add any 5 colours in cart and use the code SAHSAMP03 on checkout page to receive these samples for free. Click the GET FREEBIE button and get 3 paint …

Free Heart Cake Tin


Head over to Cater4You website where they are giving away free samples of their products including their heart shaped cake baking tin. Get it for free by emailing them with your postal address and they will dispatch the free sample to your doorsteps. Click the GET FREEBIE button to get their email address from their …

Free Coffee Scoop


You can get free coffee scoop from Roasters Coffee as they have got hundreds of these stainless steel coffee scoops to give away. To get this freebie, visit their facebook page and follow the link to their form and supply them with your shipping details to get it delivered for free. Click the GET FREEBIE …

Free Zoflora Disinfectant


Zoflora products a wide range of fragrant antibacterial house cleaning products. Right now they are giving away free Zoflora fragrant disinfectants and you can also get one by filling in the form with your details and answer a few questions. Click the GET FREEBIE button and enter the competition on Zoflora website for a chance …

Free Ariel Actilift


Get a free Ariel Actilift tab by following our link and filling in the form on next page. Choose the product you want and then supply your details to receive it at your doorsteps. Click the GET FREEBIE button and then choose between Color and Regular tab and fill out the form for a chance …

Free Ecover Washing Up Liquid


Ecover Washing Up Liquid is totally non-bio and allergy-approved product. You can try a free sample as Ecover has got loads of them to give away. Contact them with you details and they will send you a sample that you want. Click the GET FREEBIE button to visit Ecover’s sample page now and request the free …

Free Hobbs Scented Candle


You can try the Hobbs scented candle for free by joining their email newsletter and in return you will get a gift of their scented candle on your birthday. Join them now to get a nice smelling candle for your home or office. Click the GET FREEBIE button to go to their newsletter page and …

Free Hard Water Testing Kit


According to an estimate, 60% of homes in the UK are facing the issue of hard water and the limescale deposits can be really harmful. You can test your water by getting a free hard water testing kit. Visit ScaleWatcher website now and click the ‘Request Hard Water testing strip’ on top right to order …

Free IKEA Furniture Safety Pack


IKEA is giving away free furniture safety pack so that you can make you furniture child proof. Visit their giveaway page now and supply with your details to receive it to your doorsteps. Click the GET FREEBIE button and order yourself a free IKEA furniture safety pack.